Vertical Jump Workout: 12 Proven Ways to Jump Higher and Increase Your Vertical Jump in 4 Weeks

There are a lot of ways to increase your vertical jump. If you are one of the few who wants to do the best possible, you are probably searching for ways to increase your “jump.” The vertical jump is used in many sports, such as volleyball, basketball, and even football. There are many ways to increase your jump like using a jump rope, sprinting, running stairs, elevated jumps, explosive jumps, and double jumps. Always remember to stretch your legs before every workout. This is important because you will be building muscle fibers in most of these workout suggestions.

Indeed, there are ways you can do in improving your vertical leap. You may have tried some of them, but it is important that you do the training properly and correctly. The choice of effective techniques also matters. If you want to develop your ability to soar high with your vertical jump, here are some tips and techniques that you may find useful.

Do not forget your warm-up exercises. Do not get too excited with your training. In improving your vertical leap, you have to remember always about safety, as these exercises may involve strenuous exercises that can cause injury if you do not have the required strength and flexibility. Stretching your leg muscles, especially the quadriceps and your calves, will help a lot in preventing injury and attaining flexibility that is an important element in improving your vertical leap.

Try first simple exercises before going to the most complicated ones. Build enough strength, and flexibility before attempting other complicated exercises so as to avoid injury as well. One of the simplest exercises you can start with is climbing up and down the stairs to build strength on your leg muscles.

Using a jump rope is a wonderful and simple way to get started. It is an important factor mainly because of its helpfulness in cardiovascular conditioning. In addition, running sprints can help build the muscle that you need. Working on building the muscle in your legs will improve your jumping ability. In addition to sprints and jump rope, running up and down stairs can help. Make sure to run up and down the stairs at the tip of your toes. You may want to start the workout by running up one flight exercise to improve your strength.

Squats and lunges are good exercises to build strength. Squats are good to build strength in your thighs and legs. Lunges also improve strength in your inner thigh and in your knee. It is very important though to execute the exercises correctly to avoid any injuries during the training and even over time. Calf raise is also a basic exercise that will improve your strength and your balance, which is also needed in your leap.

Improving your vertical leap is not just about strength but also about your power, and you can build power by practicing plyometrics. These are exercises that improves the function of your nervous system to do fast and powerful movements, and this type of exercise is proven to be effective in increasing your vertical jumps. What box jumps for example is one of them. One precautionary measure about plyometrics though is that, you have to be make sure that you are doing correct and accurate exercise as this can cause injury because of the quick and powerful movements.

Vertical Jump Workout


Do not underestimate the benefits of skipping rope. Skipping rope is another exercise that helps you develop that quickness and power.Something worth investing in is a weighted vest, which has shown my experts to improve your ability to jump higher. Keep in mind, utilization of a weighted vest or leg weights can have advantage if utilized as a part of control.

Be sure to take note of your initial vertical leap before undergoing your training so that you will monitor how effective is your training in improving your vertical leap.

Basically bouncing all over. As straightforward as it sounds, this will make fundamental quality and molding for your vertical. In any case, what you will need to do is discover a point on the divider and consistently hop for it, both hands high. Attempt to utilize your put away vitality to spring yourself off the ground. On the off chance that you are fairly tall or have a better than average vertical as of now, hop for a point on the glass of the back-board or if conceivable the edge.

This works off of the quality you worked from the past work out, with the exception of this time, incorporate a prescription ball. Hold it in both hands, high over your head and again bounce for a particular point on the divider, glass, or edge. This will assess your leg muscles and general body muscles in an extra way. It will likewise construct hand quality, and is an awesome practice for enhancing your capacity to assault the wicker container.Elevated jumps require a step bench.

Standing on the step bench, concentrate on jumping backward and landing lightly. After you land, jump back on the step bench as fast as you can. Do three sets of ten. Be careful- if you are not, there is a possibility of hurting yourself. Explosive jumps and double jumps are nearly alike. When you start explosive jumps, place your right foot on the platform, and jump as high as you can. Concentrate on jumping from your right leg. Scissor your legs once in the air and try to land with your left leg on the platform. When you are ready, repeat the process with your left leg. This process should be done with three sets of ten. Make sure to take a short break in between sets. Doing double jumps work by jumping as high as you can with both feet. Once you land, take no time, and jump again. As before, do three sets of ten.

Another important tip that you should pay close attention is that, you should not just create your own regimen and train yourself. You can find professionals and trainers that will guide you through a systematic plan that will give you the best results and away from injuries.

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