19 Basketball Shooting Drills: How James Harden Become An Outstanding Doing These Shooting Drills

Basketballshooting drillsBasketball shooting drills have one key purpose- turn your basketball players into scoring machines. But let’s agree, shooting drills are the most popular drills in every training session because every player wants to shoot. So why aren’t all the teams filled with a bunch of sharp shooters if they spend most of their time practicing this one basketball skill?

Even the best shooting drills will not help players improve if they cannot do it how it should be done. In fact they’ll just make worse shots. That’s why most basketball players will tell you how they shoot every night but they hardly see any improvement. You need to do it constantly and in the right way to improve.

Learn how to shoot with decent basketball shooting form and shoot quickly even under pressure with these 19 basketball shooting drills.

Drill # 1: Chase down layups shooting drill

Two lines of players line on the baseline at each end of the court. The offensive player starts and sprints the court and must lay the ball up while under pressure from the defensive player.

This helps the offensive players to layup at full speed while under pressure while also improves on chase down defense.

Drill #2: Basketball shooting drills with cones

This is a fun variation just to a normal shooting drill that keeps players lively and interested. It requires players to shoot under a lot of pressure on the second shot.

Drill #3: Pressure Jump shots shooting drill

The coach can challenge the players to complete 8 shots from each high post while under pressure. This sharpens the players’ ability to shoot open jump shots while under mental pressure.

Drill #4: Hand-off shooting drill

Most basketball players know this drill but most of them find it hard to do because it demands practicing it often. You need to be balanced and strong before focusing on pushing the ball through your fingers. This helps work on shooting off hands-off.

Drill #5: Off the dribble form shooting drill

Players make 1-2 step then use the step to shoot a jump shot. This helps the players learn how to shoot off the dribble with the 1-2 step.

Drill #6: Weave Layups Shooting drill

Players weave starting at half court ending in a layup by a winger. The middle player rebounds the ball, out less leaving the ball where it started.

This is a fast paced drill that trains players to pass while in full speed and under time pressure.

Drill #7: Princeton Layups shooting drill

There should be a line of players at half court and others on the wing with a single player on the free-throw line. The player at half court passes to the player at free role then passes to the cutting wing player. This is great for passing and layup skills. Also good for concentration as the ball has to remain on the air

Drill #8: Give and Go shooting drill

Players have to weave in and out of the cones, pass to the coach before receiving it back and making a variety shots off the catch switching sides each time they shoot.

This allows players to learn how to dribble a variety of shots and footwork.

Drill #9: 31 shooting drill

Each group will be competing each other to attain 31 points first. Players take 3 shots from the 3-point line; one from outside the key, one from inside and they stand a chance to collect 6 points before carrying on the challenge to the next group of players.

Drill #10: Screen shooting drill

Players need to start at the top of the key and cut underneath the basket. Cut off the screen and take a shot by use of either screen on either side of the floor.

The basketball shooting drill improves the players’ ability to score and even make the appropriate read off an off-ball screen.

Drill #11: Speed Shooting drills

The coach organizes three groups. The first player in each group sprints with the ball and pulls up for a shot, rebounds the sprints back down the other side and shoots then rebounds and passes the ball to the next player on the line.

This ensures that players are fatigued when shooting the basketball and helps players learn to decelerate and be on the balance when making a shot.

Drill #12: Partner form shooting drill

Each player needs a partner then line up about 10 feet apart facing each other. They need to shoot the ball to their partners without any moving.

This trains the players to master the right shooting technique. This will also help the coach to correct the shooting forms of players.

Drill #13: 30 and 1 shooting drill

Organize the players into 3 groups. The coach chooses 3 spots on the court where each group must make 10 shots from there. To finish the game, the group must make 1 long range shot equaling to 31 shots.

This interesting drill helps the players to shoot from different spots on the court.

Drill #14: Fatigue shooting drill

Line the players into groups of 3 or 4. Each player has to pass the ball to a shooter, sprinting the floor and receive a pass from the shot then rebound their own shot to pass to the next person.

The drill helps players to shoot while fatigued; Great for conditioning players.

Drill #15: Partner shooting drill

Players must take sets of 10 shots each. One player rebounds while the other shoots then back pedals before a spot up again for the shot. They then swap over. Works on shooting while fatigued and works on a variety of shots.

Drill #16: 5 spot variety shooting drill

Each player holds a basketball and lines up behind the same cone. Each player has to take 4 different shots from 5 different cones.

This trains the players on a variety of shots.

Drill #17: Drive and kick shooting drill

The drill teaches the players to explode off the dribble and attacks the gaps in a defense. The aim is to leave a teammate for an open shot.

Drill #18: Rainbow shooting drill

This is a warm up and shooting drill that give players a chance to shoot many repetitions from distinct spots and great for encouragement.

Drill #19: Titan shooting drill

You need 3 lines of players, one on each high post with one on the middle throw line. The first player shoots the ball to get their own rebound and passes back to the same line they shot from. The player must run to the designated line that the coach chooses before sprinting back to join a different line. Keep it moving.

The drill helps in team conditioning and allows the team to make different shots against time limit.

Bottom line

We hope that these basketball shooting drills will help you as much as they’ve helped us. You can look for more shooting drills to keep you on top of the game.

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