30 Basketball Dribbling drills: Complete Training Guide to Improve your ball handling Like Kyrie Irving

basketball dribbling

How did Kyrie Irving become the best ball handler in the NBA? Learning to dribbling and controlling the ball alone. With practice, dribbling the ball is a quite simple, but ball handling is different; it requires imagination, and good knowledge of the game, not to mention integrating dribbling skills, passing and good decision-making.


Here are 30 Basketball drills that will allow you to improve your ball handling Like Kyrie Irving:


1. Ball Slaps

Ball slap can significantly enhances your ball handles. Just hit the ball from your one hand and other continuously until you have a feel for the ball

2. Finger Taps dribbling

Fingertip dribbling allows you to get ready to shot or open up lanes for better pass completion. quickly tap the ball back and front straight out as you keep the elbows locked.


3. Ankle-wrapping

Here, do not allow the ball hit the ground, just move it around yourankles in a wrapping motion.


4. Waist wrapping


As in above exercise, do not let the ball hit the ground, but move it in a circular motion around your middle.


5. Head wrapping


Slightly duck your head when wrapping the basketball in a circulars motion around. When you master correct form push your speeds as you repeat the sequence.


6. Wraps Around the world

Now try to wrap your the ball the head, your waist, knees, and back up in one drill. Then try back up to the waist, then head, and then waist again.


7. Figure 8 Around Legs


Start with the ball one hand and then push it between your legs to your other hand then around your leg with your other hand and back in the front. Continue in figure eight motion.


8. Wraps around the Right Leg

Move the the basketball all around the right leg when it is on the front and your other leg at the back


9. Wraps around Left Leg

Do the same wraps as the right leg, let your left foot be on the front, wrap the ball when the right one is on the back.


10. Wraps balls around legs

With your legs close together and the right leg forward, move the ball around both legs, and once the ball has made a complete rotation let one leg step one foot forward, then take the ball around that leg. This process should be continued using both feet.

11. Drops

The aim of this exercise is to allow the ball to drop between your legs. Start by staying in a position where with your hand infont of you,(squat position) and then let the ball bounce once between your legs.


12. Straddle Flip Drill

With straddle flip, one hand should be infront and other behind as you hold the basketball right between your legs. primarily,the aim of this exercise is to flip your ball up as quickly as possible not more than an inch or two.


13. Machine Gun

The purpose of machine gun practice is to make sure that the ball on the low ground as possible. Start by kneeling down as you alternate both hands on the same spot.


14. Spider Dribble Drill

Put the ball in between legs,as you dribble it with right then left hand, then quickly put your one hand at a time behind your back. Bring the hands to the front again and continue the same exercises to an alternate right to left and front to back as quickly as possible.


15. Pound Dribble Ankle Height Right Hand

Dribbling the basketball as low as you can from theground to the chest with your one hand, and to the knees and the ankles.


16. Pound Dribble Ankle Height Left Hand

Dribbling the basketball as low as you can from the ground with the left hand. Same as the right hand you can start with the high dribble to the chest to the knees and finish with the ankles.


17. Pound Dribble Waist High Right Hand

Try doing this when you are in a stance, then pounds your basketball as hard you can as you can around waist height.


18. Pound Dribble Waist High Left Hand

Same way try this an instance, then hit the ball at around waist height with the left hand.


19. Pound Dribble Shoulder Height Right Hand

Pound dribble at the shoulder height is meant to get you out of the comfort zone. You will need to hit the ball while dribbling around the shoulder height .


20. Pound Dribble Shoulder Height Left Hand

Same way, hit the ball as you dribbling on the shoulder height usingyour other hand.


21. Dribble ball around Right Leg and Right Hand

Begin to do this dribble in a wide distance then keep the basketball low as possible. Then dribble it in a circle on the leg on the right with the right hand.


22. Left Leg/Left Hand Dribble

Much the same way starts with a wide stance, as you keep the basket ball low as you can from ground, but dribble the basketball the same way in a circle your left leg using your other hand.


23. Dribble Figure Eight Drill

Dribble your basket ball from a wide stance in a figure eight motion all around your legs using both your hands.

24. ThreeDribble around the back

Before your cross, the ball on and off your back, hit the ball three times. Repeat this process.


25. Triples Crossover.

The drill involves dribbling the ankle then to the shoulder height Then gradually dribble the basketball higher on every bounce.Stop in a just three to four from the ground the dribble back up to the shoulder.


26. Crossover Dribble

Cross the basketball back and forth using one hand but keep the dribble low and hard below the knees, then shift to the contrary, and eventually on both hands.


27. Dribbling Behind the Back Basketball drills.

Then, try and cross the ball behind your body.


28. Scissors Dribble

Dribble the ball through the legs, as you start with your one foot forward and hand on the back. Alternate the other leg back and forth. If you are a beginner, dribble one or two times before going through your legs.


29. 3-Dribble Crossover

The 3-dribble crossover is meant to improve your timing and eye-hand coordination. Start by pounding the ball three times as you cross it on your body, then back forth. Continue to do this for at least 30 seconds or one minute but ensure that you’re hitting the ball a little hard.



30. Through the Legs 3-dribbling

Again, pound the ball at least three times prior to crossing it over between your legs as you hit/ pound your ball another three times as you cross it back. Continue this process but ensure that you’re hitting the ball hard.

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